Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Denim Quilt Pattern

I'm working on a new denim quilt pattern.  I think I'll call it Denim Waves -- it's a beach quilt. 

Strips of denim are sewn together to make several long strips.  Then the top edge of the strip is cut to look like waves.  Every-other wave is denim, then I've put a hand dyed fabric wave in between.  And just to mix things up, I'll put a couple wedge shaped pieces in.   It's got a sheet for the back (I know... I don't use sheets for anything but denim quilts that will be used on the ground), and a thin cotton/poly batting.  It's quilted as-you-go, and I think this would be a great quilt to do on a longarm.  If I ever get caught up with T-Joe, I want to go do it on the Handi Quilter at the store.

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