Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Quilt Inspector

I have a new Quilt Inspector!  Her name is Sophie.  She's a "Brown Tip Siamese / Lynx Cross."  I love her tufted ears and big, crystal blue eyes.  She looks petite, but seems longer than a normal cat.  My Dear Husband and 3 sons rescued her from the Humane Society.  And yes, she's been spayed.  Not only is she cute, but she's gentle with her claws and has good manners.  The Guys think I'm crazy, but she walks differently than other cats.  She moves both right legs forward at the same time, then both left, then both right, etc.  She likes to play, and can be very acrobatic.  Her favorite toy is a shoelace with a gross-grain ribbon on the end.  We need to get her a scratching post -- soon!

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