Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Newest Regular Quilt Pattern

This is "The Man Quilt."  It was designed for my son, Rick.  As he left home to serve as an LDS missionary for 2 years, I wanted him to take a quilt made by Mom.  We looked at quilts, and he told me what he did and didn't like, and with his help, this is the pattern we came up with.

This quilt is Rick's, and is the original "Man Quilt." 

This "Man Quilt" is for Joe and Nancy, who were married in September 2012.  
The fabrics are a little more feminine for Nancy.
(You can see another picture of it in a previous post.)

This quilt is my middle son, David's "Man Quilt."  
His quilt is the picture on the pattern.

Get the pattern at Craftsy or Etsy.

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