Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We're Getting A HandiQuilter!!!

Our HandiQuilter has been ordered!  YEA!!!  
We're getting the 12 ft. Avante'.  

The Guys have been helping me get the space ready.  Karl figured out how to re-arrange things so the HQ could fit on the only wall in the house that's long enough for it.  He got David and Scott to help him moved the TV and re-wired it to a different side of the room.  They packed up stuff and took stuff to the thrift store.  And Scott got the old carpet cleaner going and cleaned the carpet.

We got a 144" curtain rod and hung it up high, and added rings with little clips on them, for hanging quilts.  Then we got a 4 ft X 8 ft. piece of Styrofoam for the design wall, which I covered with gridded flannel.  So, here's what our space looks like...

The plan is to involve the whole family to make videos of my new idea for quilting (it's still top secret!). We've got a camera that will shoot the video, and The Guys can take care of all the computer stuff -- edit the videos and get them on YouTube.  I'll need a few weeks to get good with the new machine and develop the system.  But keep your eye on Quilted Sunshine!  We'll be on YouTube soon!

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