Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Have We Got Snow!

The snow has been amazing this past month!  The weather man said we've got 20" with the last two storms.  And 60" total for the season.  A retired school librarian was in my class on Friday evening and said that in all her time of working at the school, they only had 3 snow days in 41 years.  This past month, we've had 3 snow days.  The first one was due to below zero temperatures.  It was -23 degrees at the Logan airport a couple weeks ago.  Here's some pictures.

Second Week of January -- 17" of snow

Backyard -- check the fence
Animals on the Porch -- bird, cat (or small dog) and deer 
The Guys have been busy keeping the driveway clear.  The road in our neighborhood has been pretty bad.  But a couple good neighbors have helped a lot with their snow blowers.

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