Beginning Piecing Workshop

I enjoy teaching, and get to teach a Beginning Piecing Workshop on a regular basis.  I've come up with my own pattern and instructions (18 pages), and the class is taught in 4 sessions (just changed it to 5).  In the class, we make a quilt block that I call the "Confidence Block."  The student has a choice to make it in one of 3 sizes.  

I thought it would be fun to have a place to share pictures of my students' work.  Each student puts their own fabric together, and it's fun to see how each set of fabrics makes a different quilt.  They also have the option of moving their sub-units (flying geese, square-in-a-square, 4-patch, snowball corners, etc) to different positions.  

Not everyone finishes their quilt tops on the last day, and sometimes I get distracted and forget to take the pictures!  But, here are some pictures of students' quilts in various stages of progress.  (The 4 bottom pictures are samples I've made as I've worked and re-worked the pattern and instructions.)  You may have to use your imagination in adding the borders.  And keep in mind that the quilts look better in person, than they do with my bad photography.  

Please click on each picture so you can see a bigger image.






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AnnDee said...

Wow these are many designs with just a few basic blocks!
Great work! Can't wait to do one myself.