Friday, October 31, 2014


We LOVE Halloween!  Here are some pictures:

Here's most of the porch.
Here are the boxes that we "carved," and put lamps inside.
This is my Jack-o-lantern, and the talking skull who startles people as they come close to the door.

This is Rick's Jack-o-lantern and the lighted scary tree.

The spider above the door.
This is me, waiting for our guests.  I greet them with, "Welcome, sweet chickens!"
I invite them inside to see our Halloween display.  We have a good collection of bugs, ghost tears, fairy tears, "dead man's bones," Shad the Skull, "wilted violets of death," cat fur rope, a specimen of "The Greater North American Dust Bunny, a death memento...  and our prized possession, a real, mummified bat.

Here are the carved turnip (because turnips were the original Jack-o-lantern), and a rotten ogre's tooth.

I hope you've had a fun Halloween!

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