Monday, February 11, 2013

Sewing Machine Maintenance for Quilt Guilds

I've been teaching sewing machine maintenance classes at the store, and last week got to teach it at 2 quilt guilds.  I think the ladies learned a lot, and it was very FUN!  I'm going to let other guilds know that I'm available, so hopefully I can do this class more.

The first guild wanted a hands-on class, so we had 7 ladies who participated.  They opened their machines; cleaned and oiled; polished hooks; learned how to check their needles, bobbins and thread; and then we did a sew-off sample to balance the upper tension with the lower tension.

The second guild wanted a lecture/demo.  There were about 30 ladies at this guild.  I brought 2 sewing machines (oscillating hook and drop-in bobbin) and demonstrated how to clean and oil, and went through a list of dos and don'ts, thread, needles, bobbins, burrs, etc.  And I talked about balancing your tensions.  We had a few ladies who wanted a closer look, so they were able to come up and get some personal attention.  It worked out pretty good!

I've created a "What To Check Before You Bring Your Sewing Machine In For A Service" laminated page.  It's $6.00 (plus shipping) and printed on both sides, with some great pictures.  I need to get it available on my website.  My Dear Husband does my website for me.  I'll try to get him to do that tomorrow.

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