Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stone Soup Quilt Project

For our next Humanitarian project, I've come up with the Stone Soup Quilt Project.  It's a combination of my Denim Stars, Fun-and-done, and a rag quilt.  Here's a Wikipedia link if you don't know the Stone Soup story.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_soup.  Basically, a community brings together scraps of food, and makes a really great soup that is shared with the whole community.

So, this quilt is done with scraps that have been donated.  I give each participant squares of flannel, regular cotton fabrics, and batting squares (all pre-cut into squares).  They each take a row or two home to sew. When the rows are complete, we will get together and sew the rows into a quilt. 

Start with 6" squares of flannel, 4 3/4" squares of regular cotton fabrics, and 4 3/4" squares of thin cotton or cotton/poly batting. 

Here are some sizes you may want to use:

Baby (35" X 45") 7 squares X 9 squares = 63 squares
Throw (55" X 70") 11 squares X 14 squares = 154 squares
Twin (70" X 85")  14 squares X 17 squares = 238 squares
Queen (90" X 105") 18 squares X 21 squares = 378 squares

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