Thursday, February 11, 2010

Minky (or Minkee) Blankets

Today was my "day off," so I got caught-up on custom Minky Blanket Orders. These 3 are nice, BIG blankets! The pink roses with big dots is abt. 72" X 60," and is just sewn with right sides together, then turned and top-stitched. And the other 2 are abt. 52" square, with the back piece larger, and forming a mitered border.
Today, I learned some things about working with 2 layers of Minky. Minky has a definite nap. When you put 2 fabrics with a nap together, they really fight against each other. When I make a flannel and Minky blanket, I can pin about every 4 or 5 inches. When both fabrics are Minky, I have to pin EVERY INCH! And I couldn't just pin the layers together and send it through the serger. It had to be basted in place first. This stuff is squirley! ...but oh, so loveable!
Look for the FREE Mitered Blanket Pattern on my website.

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