Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Pattern: Holly Table Runner

I've just released a new pattern!  It's actually a revision of an older pattern that I sold locally in 2007.

The Holly Table Runner will add a touch of class to your winter home décor.  It’s unique 3-D effects give it personality.  Fusible machine appliqué and a simple design make it a quick project.  

The 3-D parts include the black flange, gold accent pieces in the center and corners, and the buttons that hold down the gold accent pieces.  

Sometimes I enjoy doing a quick project.  It's fun to see the progress as it goes from fabric, to a holly leaf, to a stem of holly, to a bordered quilt top, to a finished table runner.

Other times, it's very gratifying to work on a huge, difficult project.  These projects help me to hone my skills, and to grow appreciation for the skills of others.  They also teach me patience, and show me that, yes, I can do hard things.

I really love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from quilt making!  Get the pattern at Craftsy or Etsy.

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